04 March 2008

And the prize goes to... I have our money, let's spend them!

From email:

Whoooeehey, fellow MMMT'lings!

As you all probably remember we won a prize for the MMMT installation, and I've just recieved the grand total of 5000 shiny norwegian buckaroos! What shall we spend them on? Social stuff, future projects, perhaps split them up or maybe just smoke them? Anybody got any good suggestions and/or want to be part of the decisionmaking here?

I suggest that we revive the blog from the project to have a place to discuss this, if thats okay with everyone...


And, please forward this mail if you notice someone missing from the recipient list.

So, come on, post your dreams,suggestions,wishes and so on...

18 December 2007

I'm posting this because Marianne told me to.

mmmt: visual language.

We started out wanting to portray the soul of AHO: the students, the employees and everyone who just comes by and make the school what it is.
Based on this we sketched out several possibilities, and as the project became clearer, we started to experiment with fragments of pictures of students.
We decided to work with the strings of the harp, as it was the only concrete element we where sure we where going to use in the installation, but further on got into playing with light and darkness, to feed on the values we concentrated on in the beginning of the conceptualization of mmmt.
The magical, musical, mirror-things visual profile became dramatic light, as on a stage, with elements moving in and out of focus.

The graphic design and the web carry this with it and tie each other together as they both use the strings of the harp, the dramatic light, and the shifting of focus as key-elements.

14 December 2007

V for victory

Opening @ AHO from gunnar bothner-by on Vimeo.

A little video from the opening of the installation. A lot of happy and fascinated faces. success again!

Zombies at work

The boss sleeping and the slaves weeping.

13 December 2007

Going for gold

We are pushing hard for the gold medal here! Posters are finaly ready and plastered up around the school and nearby:

The final concept

After the discuss,we decide to combine both concepts into one.Here is the process.

Use sequence

We drew a use sequence on the whiteboard today. It feels good!


When the installation is not in use. Particles (maybe eight) will float around very slowly (like dust in the air), and when they collide they trigger sounds from the Solaris collection.

1.st touch
Gravity turns on and the particles hit the ground with sounds like metal falling on concrete. This will generate some confusion and interest in the passing person.

More particles are entered into the stage by picking the strings. The particles start glowing and gets lighter by the force of the play. The particles start to rise and gets airborne. At some stage they start clicking together in pairs, then in groups, then the big one is generated with the live kaleidoscopic feed. When other balls (images of previous kaleidoscopes) touch the kaleidoscope, the big one changes configuration.

At some point or level the picture for the web is saved and the animation climaxes. Maybe as balloons popping. Or like a miniature Supernova.

What is left is the remnants of the supernova (a small speck on the black background) that floats slowly in the air and when it hits another particle it generate a sound from the Solaris collection.

This sequence should take no longer than one minute. Maybe shorter. At any point, when there is inactivity it should go back to pause mode more or less seamless.

The globs or dots that are not the kaleidoscope should have pictures of old caleidoscopes to fit the overall expression.