29 November 2007

"The Harp" - work in progress

Things are getting more real day by day now. At the end of the day we got down to actually one installation. We had narrowed it down to "The Harp", "The Layered Mirror" and "The Caleidoscope", but the concensus? was that we had to do only one. So we are now going for a merge of "The Harp" and "The Caleidoscope".

Preliminary it will have:
Input: Camera for adding caleidoscopic inspirated imagery to be used in the display.
Interactive Modulator: The harp with sensors.
Display: screenlike contraption from ground floor to 1st floor.
Infrastructure: Some sort of database and website.

So tomorrow we have to make an experience prototype to find out how things work, and what we need. Visual content, physical shape, interaction and infrastructure is things we have to prototype. We will do after the visit to "Vestbanen".

But please start sketching on the visual expression of all elements, we will need all hands on deck from now on!


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