26 November 2007


Ref. Christer's reading in the book "thoughtful interaction design":

How do we motivate our crowd? (From a gaming perspective)
  • Challenge: The level of difficulty of the game increases with the player's proficiency
  • Fantasy: The player can experience magical events and perform magical actions
  • Curiosity: Information is tantalizingly hidden and requires effort to be revealed
  • Novelty: The player is continuously presented with new or transformed information and situations
  • Complexity: The game is difficult enough to require significant amounts of reasoning in order to make progress
  • Surprise: The behaviour of the game and the unfolding of events are not easily predictable
  • Control: The player not only proceeds through and learns about the game through active participation, but also directs what is going on to some extent
  • Competition: The game offers possibilites to compete against oneself, the system or other players - which provides the thrilling prospect of winning (or losing)

Can our ideas be expanded and/or focused to get the attention of our participants?

And how can our theme be expressed through some or all of these elements of interaction.

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