22 November 2007

two ideas for the installation/exhibition project: Emotions.

One conceptual idea is to, somehow, record the individual mood of all the students, that together generate a new space (physical or mental), which reflect/aims to change the average mood.

Difficult conceive exactly how, but one idea could be to project colors onto specific surfaces on the school building. High level of stress/frustration could color the surface red, yellow could reflect calmness. The installation would change gradually or rapidly over time, always going to one specific color at night when the school is empty.

Another thought I had, was to give all the students something (like a badge...) that would bind them together, making them the instilation.



iKnut said...

I like how this directly use the explorer of the installation, in the installation .. puh .. it would hopefully engage them in the development of the piece.

Christer said...

Great idea. Could possibly use sound/motion sensors to track activity levels? Hmm. I also like installations that "feed" off of the explorers without them having to participate directly.