23 November 2007

Theme sketch: "Soulkeeper"

A thought I had that builds on the Emotions, Childsplay and Ghost theme is that of an entity.

From Google:
"...that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)"

Our entity is the school as a whole, including (but not excluding anything): Students, teachers, visitors, janitors, the air, the ventilation, the reputation, the history, anything that are related mentally and/or physically. All this is combined as properties of our almighty entity.

The installations would then play within this theme, maybe as realizations of the entity or something opposing it? I don't know, but I can see a lot of stories emerge in this theme.

The lectures the last few days by Annelise and Stenslie has given some clues to what installations need to be successful. It has to be personal, social, responsive and exciting to engage people.

What if the core asset of our installations is the face?

What if we by the entrance had a materialization of the entity that people can approach. And by connecting to the entity they will (or can) donate their soul. The soul, in the form of your face, is then used, misused or manipulated in some form in our installations. The face is such a strong image that if you see your face in an installation you got to be engaged. If together with the face we could get your name and maybe a soundbite, we could use that in a lot of different types of installations. It could be sound, light installations. It could be games. What about moods?

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