11 December 2007

Automatic image re-size

We need a software (Windows) that will continiously wach a folder and resize images that appear in that folder. It should make a fullsize jpg, and a thumbnail jpg of each image. And it should move the resized images to a new folder.

edit/ I've looked into this a bit now, and my hopes is that we are going to have an Windows Scripting Host running a script that uses ImageMagick to convert our captures from the installations. So it will be possible to get a set framesize and a thumbnail. Hope this will help the web team.


Jegor said...

Check this out > http://batch-image-commander.iredsoft-technology-inc.qarchive.org/_download2.html

Jegor said...


iKnut said...

Thats almost what we need. I'll look into it better tomorrow.