09 December 2007

..the content..

The content group, Fan Fan, Natacha, Martin and myself, had a little brainstorm on Friday, in search for a stronger link between the harp (physical) and the wall projection (visual). There were a lot of good ideas, but no final solution was reached.
One of the questions was whether to use live feed or still images. Whereas live feed allows for immediate feed-back, which is very playful but possibly a bit too centred around just the one current person playing, still pictures may show (as Martin pointed out) the diversity, and/or recent activity of visitors. As I believe the interaction should be concentrated on the harp and not on the camera, pictures could be shot automatically, at pre-set intervals. In this case sound may be a strong indicator as to when then photo is about to be taken/ when it 'shoots'. Mosse showed us a good example the other day with ‘The Origin of Painting’. We may of course consider a less nerve wrecking sound. :)

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