05 December 2007


"Individual" invitation-flyer : could easily be done with professing-kaleideoscopes and our dear friends up at allkopi, if not plotted.. 
250 g. paper size A4 would be about 6.25 nok (included taxes.) Any feelings anyone? 


iKnut said...

I like the idea!

gcbb said...

Me too! what about giveaway badges or stickers, I like that!

Ingrid Alice said...

I guess allkopi cant help us with the stickies, but using normal paper and adding flour and water mix might be the solution there (ev. wallpaper-glue)
Hipphurrah for anarchy-propaganda-marketing!
Could we pepper Grünerløkka with kaleido-diamonds?

gcbb said...

I´m all for it!