04 December 2007


Sound is becoming a significant part of the installation, and so we need heaps of them! The way I see it, there should be a "soundset" of at least eight sounds for each Processing sketch.

I registered an account at the Freesound Project for the class. It is a library of user-designed sounds in all sorts of categories. Please log on for a little while and dig around for interesting sounds we can use! The username is ahoide and the password is expro.

Things to consider about the sounds:
  • Is the soundset varied enough not to be boring?
  • Synthetic or natural sounding?
  • How do the sounds affect/compliment eachother?
  • How would they fit the visuals?
  • Do they have a common theme?
  • Would you stand to hear the sounds a hundred times in a row?
We still need ideas for the visual side of things - sounds are a good way to find inspiration.


Ingrid Alice said...

Dont know about you, but I'm walking around with Yann Tiersen's Soir De Fête, and La Redecouverte fra Le fabuleux destin d'amelie Polain in my head.. and a lot of Bjørk ofcourse..

Christer said...

Great, let's whip together a mix of toy instruments and screaming icelandic women!

Ingrid Alice said...

hmm, not a fan I take it. I guess what appalled to me was the soft metallic "plings" they both use..

Christer said...

While I must have reeked of sarcasm in my last comment, I meant every word of it. (No, really!)

I enjoy the feeling of the "pling" in the prototype, if we make a sketch where metallic sounds (or even Bjørk) is appropriate, I say Go for it!