10 December 2007


yes, we know this should have been landed ages ago now, but as you all see we're still figuring out flow and layout here. (don't misunderstand, I've stopped asking for permission and new ideas, -as I need help, not more impossible possibilities.) So my question to you: How will the projection-output end up looking??? I wold like to have some clue, preferaby a deper understanding than what is gained through this blog. (realizable processing-responds only) Thanks in advance. Me.

(but thank you very much for the kirupa-code. It might come in handy after all)
peace out.


Christer said...

Relax, young grasshopper, everything will be all right!

It's still a bit early to tell exactly what the final output will look like, but I believe Natacha and Ingeborg's latest posts are pretty good indications.

Ingrid Alice said...

okidoki..I'll try and build on that..