07 December 2007

You name it

Yesterday we decided upon the name Magical mystical mirror thing / MMMT. I don't think anyone really fell in love with this name, it was more or less just forced through because we decided this deadline. Or does anyone really like it/love it..?

I think that we're able to come up with a much better name, - especially after our "name excercise" last semester. And we actually don't have to use the name at any poster etc. before next week, so I suggest that each of us try to brainstorm a bit more. If we don't find any better suggestion we'll just go for Magical mystical mirror thing / MMMT.

Ingrid, Marianne and I came up with a suggestion:

yumiro / umiro / jumiro ( in type Faricy)

which refers to:
-you mirrored
-you me (you and me)

We like this name much better because of the relevant refferences it gives + the sound of the word. What do you think?

[Moved Ingrid's suggestion and sketch on how to combine Yumiro and MMMF here - please keep "the Name Argument '07" on the discussion pages. -Christer]

Ingrid: Short example from one of the sketches. I really think they work well in collaboration with each other. (consensus sounds like such a wonderful utopia.)


gcbb said...

Its a bit long no? what hapened to just umiro?

Jegor said...

What happened to HARPIXONICA ???

gcbb said...

or schploing?

Ingrid Alice said...

Entity, Harpics, hartpics, harpix, harpixonica and many others got wiped away yesterday as we wanted to make a final decision as we're really great at not nailing anything and just "keeping it loose".
The only problem here is that democracy some times only offers solutions that will be nothing more than "ok". As most of us ended up loosing our favourites, some of us cared less and felt like it was a decition between "pest or colera", hoping to end up on what hurted the least. I'm not saying the process was a waist, (we would not have come to "umiro" if it were.)
As some may feel attached to the long description of our project, I would like to keep it, but I still think it is a bad representation of the project, making it a sort-of-silly-excuse cos we could not come up with a real name.
It works great as a tag-line so I'm not throwing rocks at it, I would only like to have a name "to fall in love with" as well.

I'm sorry that this feels as such a set-back to some, to me this was one of few things that felt like a step forward. Could it be "umiro" as a title, followd with that long sentence?

Not trying to pick a fight, just hoping we could end up with a short memorable name that would be more than merely ok.

Christer said...

Oh no, not this discussion again... I hate fanning the fire, but here goes:

I'll be the first to admit that the MMMT is not the most brilliant name in the world, but at least it has a bit of humour. I'm sure we could have come up with something better, but similar. With a bit of tweaking, I agree with Ingrid about using it as a tagline.

Excuse me for being a bit harsh, but please stop obsessing about making puns and wordplays! YouMirrorUro? You first argue that "We like this name much better because of the relevant references it gives". Please elaborate! I don't think it's a horrible name, but you can't deny it's a bit random.

In my opinion, we can't choose a name just because it is a pleasant sound (in that case I suggest "Floombox"), and I just don't see what is relevant about the words you mention.

"You" and "me", could really be applied to anything that's interactive, and to call our installation a mirror is a bit of a stretch (same goes for MMMF). We have a musical instrument that doesn't play music and a camera input that is not really a mirror.

If we're playing the "pull the name out of a hat" again, I suggest "Reflector" or a variation on it.

We have visuals that reflect the surroundings and what happens on the strings. The kaleidoscopes themselves are based on reflections. Then we have sounds that reflect both visuals and string movement. And ultimately, the initial idea of the "Entity Project" was to make you reflect upon who you are in the entity called AHO.

Sorry for the tirade! I'm not saying my suggestion is any better than Yumiro, I just want to see some decent reasoning behind it other than "it sounds cool".