30 November 2007

Experience prototype tested!

I was doubting how far we would get today. But starting at 1330 or something like that, after the visit to Nobel peace center we made in 1,5 hours an experience prototype that gave a good insight into our project. That is really good progress. Plucking the strings (on our mock up 1:1 harp) gave a surprisingly good feel when viewing a manual processing sketch displaying in front of you.

Everyone should try it, because you automatically get ideas on how the visual response could be. What would plucking the harp soft/hard, fast/slow, one/chords look like, hear like, feel like?

And, please sketch ideas for the physical part of the harp over the weekend! We need to start to build that on Monday/Tuesday. The current prototype is 200 cm high and 80-120 cm wide. The image input is a bit diffuse right now, so pitching ideas for the general approach to this part is welcomed.

Jørn playing the harp in his head.

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gcbb said...

great! already a concrete direction to go with. seems that the visit to the nobel-center was worth the time!