30 November 2007

Processing tests

Started dabbling with Processing again today to do some kaleidoscope-/symmetry-tests. Found out how to do "classic" kaleidoscopic reflections - simple effect, but nevertheless sort of fascinating to look at in motion. Added a few more snaps to our flickr-pool. The next step is to look at interactivity and try to do a more 2007-looking take on this effect. Ideas, anyone?

Found some interesting Wikipedia entries on Symmetry, Kaleidoscopes and the Kaleidoplex (almost what we are making).


Update, saturday:
Did some more tweaks to the processing sketch, download it here to test it and help me with the programming! Keys 'q' and 'w' make things move.

This sketch uses a preset photo, but in the latest version there's a "snapshot mode" for taking new pictures, and "video mode" to texture the triangles with live video.

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