03 December 2007

Production Week!

To recap the first day of the production week: We have divided the project into more specific groups: 
  • Hardware, consisting of Jørn, Ingeborg, Fan Fan, Peder, Øyvind. The group works with the physical representation of the installation, the harp, and the physical/hardware input.
  • Software, consisting of Christer, Jegor and Anders. They work with the programming, processing/digital output.
  • Content development, Ingrid, Marianne and Martin. Working with concept and content development, e.g. visual design.
These groups are not self-contained, and will have to be overlapping for the project to evolve. 
It is also possible to work on several of the group as the project have different requirements different times.
We will start every morning with a situation rapport from each group, making sure the project evolves in the right direction.
Will those of you not in a group already please sign up!

2: Knut and I also discussed the big difficulties in the project as it is:
  • How are the images captured?
  • What is the content on the home-pages?
  • We need to further specify the visualization.

3: The location of the installation has to be set. As it turns out, the hall-way may not be the best place to be, it will be clattered with student projects all the way. There is also a lot of light there, which makes for a problem for the projections. The hall by the metal-workshop may be reconsidered!

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