03 December 2007

Camera positioning

Just my humble observation, but I'm thinking that what, where and where from we take the photos/videos dictates (to a great extent) what expression we end up with. I see it as a bit problematic to capture images that provide a good platform for stunning visual results. After experimenting with Gunnars hands and our möck-up harp, I've come to realize that the camera probably has to be integrated into the overall design.

My suggestion is that if a camera is top mounted and shoots downwards with a wide angle and aims to capture the hands and perhaps a bit of the body of the user, we'll have a good starting point. Also I suggest that if we mount the strings radially outwards from the image centre (or a corner) we'll have a starting point that allows for easier making of different patterns.


gcbb said...

I totally agree the the positioning of the camera must be designed into the overall experience. And this will be decided tuesday!

Christer said...

I wholeheartedly support this solution!

iKnut said...

I like the simplicity of this idea. But i suspect we would only get one type of images (random hands, with lines) as our base for the display. If the image input gets too uniform the display would be less expressive. Would it not get harder for the player to add more concious photos (that of faces, hands, elbows, bananas etc.) that are more composed and explorative?