03 December 2007

Reasons to still use the harp as input.

Rhythm is a powerful tool in visual works, well represented in art and  design as well as architecture. (Good architecture/design has often been talked about and referred to as frozen elements of music.) I believe the message needs to be clear in every way, and a musical instrument really helps building this image.
Viewing the entity as a larger whole, "the result of all students at aho as a living thing, reflecting how we feel and act" in a visual/musical, engaging manner, I'm guessing it could not be easier than curiously just reach out and touch the strings. (Who have ever managed to keep their fingers away from a lone string-instrument just standing there?) Further on I'm guessing vertical strings would enable more random use than if one wold have to blow into something. (Just imagine blowing into the same horn or whatever, as vain, filthy, pretentious and so on, ehm.. people.) 

And least but not last: A harp is such a damn pretty thing!
Though it's not up to me... sorry, I'm still strongly for the harp.

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