22 November 2007

Context: Make it work for us, not against us.

Since we are going to place our installation(s) in the School building, I think it is important to use the building as a part of our installation and not just place an installation without any context into it. Some of the previous installations have suffered from seemingly being just placed in a random spot with no tie-in to the surroundings. As Ståle described in his lecture today, the buildup to the installation is as important as the installation itself. But maybe I'm redundant.

I believe that active use of school context and the loaction of eventual installations will make better installations that are more engaging to the public. It would also set some boundaries that will help us focus since it's less than 3 weeks left in the project.

Some recurring comments that is mentioned is that it would be cool to make something big, or at least feels big. Since the budget is tiny we need to do some hacks to
make this work. Think hard on how we can make big things in a cheap way.

Here are some tools that cheaply can make things bigger (or appear so):
Baloons - (to fill space and can be projected on)
Fabrics - (to divide space and can be projected on)
Wires, pipes and tubings (add complexity where there is none ;)
Wind? (Fans etc)

and if anyone have access to more projectors and or other screens it would be great!


gcbb said...

what about using empty bottles, or bottles filled with something, as space filler?

gcbb said...

or we could use cheap fm radio recievers?